Vue International executive team, comprised of Tim Richards (CEO), Alan McNair (Deputy CEO) and Steve Knibbs (COO), remain instrumental in the business having established Vue International as one of the leading and most respected cinema operators since its inception in 2003. Non- Executive Group Chairman of Vue International is Adam Crozier.


Adam Crozier, Non- Executive Group Chairman

Adam brings an unrivalled breadth of experience to Vue’s Board, through a CEO career of over 20 years across a variety of high profile and fast changing industries. He was CEO of ITV from 2010-2017 where he led the transformation of the business into a highly successful global and diversified entertainment group, turning ITV into one of the most successful and dynamic media and content businesses in the world. Prior to this he was CEO of Royal Mail Holdings (2003-2009), of the Football Association (2000-2002) and of Saatchi and Saatchi (1995-1999). Adam joined Vue in September 2017.





Tim Richards, Founder and CEO 

Prior to entering the entertainment industry, Tim was a Wall Street lawyer engaged in international finance and cross-border mergers and acquisitions while based in London and New York. Tim then joined Paramount/Universal in 1990 where he was responsible for business development and legal affairs in 44 international markets, prior to joining Warner Bros. International Theatres in 1994 as Senior Vice President.

In 1999 Tim left Warner Bros. in LA and founded the start-up cinema exhibition company SBC International Cinemas. Backed by the private-equity firm, Boston Ventures, the first SBC Cinema opened in late 2000 in Livingston, Scotland. By 2002 SBC had five operating cinemas. In 2003, SBC acquired the Warner Village; a 36 site portfolio in the UK, marking the launch of Vue International.

Tim has over 26 years experience in cinema exhibition and extensive international development and operational experience in all major international markets in Europe, South America, Australia and the Far East. Since starting the business 16 years ago, Vue International has grown organically and through a series of strategic acquisitions to become one of the world’s leading cinema operators. Tim remains instrumental in the business and the day-to-day execution of the Vue International strategy.

The Hollywood Reporter named Tim as one of the top five entertainment innovators of the year and The Independent named Tim as one of the "20 most influential people in film".

Tim is Governor of the Board for the British Film Institute (BFI), Executive Director of the UK Cinema Association and Board Member of the Union Internationale de Cinemas (UNIC).



Alan McNair, Deputy CEO 

Alan has over 38 years experience in the entertainment industry with extensive market experience starting with film distribution in 1979, followed by video distribution and then international cinema exhibition.

Prior to joining Tim in 1999, Alan was one of the key executives responsible for forming United Cinemas International (UCI). Alan joined UCI at its inception in 1989 and held the position of Executive Vice President and CFO, where over the course of ten years Alan helped steer the company to become one of the largest cinema operators worldwide.

In 1999 Alan joined Tim and the start-up cinema exhibition company as CFO to help grow the business from one UK site to over 200 international sites. In 2014 Alan stood down as CFO with the appointment of Alison Cornwell.

Alan remains pivotal across all aspects of the business and the day-to-day execution of the Vue International strategy. He has been a key player in making Vue the successful and highly respected company it is today.





Steve Knibbs, COO

Steve has over 30 years experience in the cinema industry. He joined AMC in 1987 and pioneered multiplex operations in the United Kingdom, with the first ever purpose built multiplex opening in Europe in 1985 which saw a step-change for the industry.

His positions included Operations Director and Managing Director of the UK business during a time when AMC was acquired by Paramount Pictures and Universal Studios and renamed United Cinemas International (UCI) in 1989.

In 1999 Steve became Senior Vice President of Northern Europe for UCI, overseeing operations in more mature markets such as the UK, Ireland and Germany, alongside emerging markets – Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

Steve left UCI in 2003 to join Vue International as COO where he continues to be instrumental in the day-to-day operations of the business working alongside Tim and Alan.

Steve was the first cinema exhibition executive to be appointed to the Board of the prestigious UK Film Council from 2002 to 2010. He was, until recently, on the Executive Board of the UK Cinema Exhibitors Association.

In 2017 Steve was awarded the Exhibition Achievement Award, sponsored by the UK Cinema Association.  





Alison Cornwell, CFO

Alison has over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry spanning film, television and broadcasting.

Alison qualified as a chartered accountant in 1990 and spent 5 years in corporate finance before joining Disney’s International TV business where she was head of finance responsible for TV distribution, the Disney Channel and a portfolio of equity investments across EMEA, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Canada. During her 10 year tenure Alison was a key player in the launch and management of 40 channels and oversaw the highly profitable expansion of Disney’s TV licensing business and portfolio of investments. Alison was also non-executive director of GMTV from 2002 to 2005.

In 2005 Alison was appointed CFO of a private equity backed international TV broadcasting business, Sparrowhawk Media, which was successfully sold to NBC Universal at the end of 2007. Following this Alison was appointed CFO of the international film distribution company Alliance Films. Alison led a number of significant corporate acquisitions and corporate and film financing projects alongside the exit process and sale of the business in 2013.

Alison joined Vue International in 2014 to assume the CFO responsibilities previously held by Alan McNair. Alison is a member of the Board of Governors of the British Film Institute (BFI) and also chairs the BFI’s Audit Risk and Governance Committee.